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Lerone speaks with The Devil about his book project which seems to have hit a dead end. Meanwhile, poet Maya Angelou gives a tour of her “word sanctuary,” a summer home away from home.

Act 1 – “Old Man Fight Club”

After losing the woman he loved for over 50 years, Ezekiel Gerald embarks upon a journey of rejuvenation and self discovery by starting a neighborhood fight club. Challengers from near and far come to realize that perhaps there’s a soft spot underneath Mr. Gerald’s rough exterior.

Act 2 – “Class of ’97”

By the age of 35 Journalist Steve Poseman has found that he’s accomplished nearly everything he’s ever desired in life. Yet his professional achievements have been overshadowed by a lingering sense of sadness. His search for what’s missing has brought him back to the small New England town he grew up in for his high school reunion, where he seeks to find the fulfillment, happiness, and love that has escaped him for so long.

Act 3 – “The Last Valley Girl”

Robert Pinderhughes spends some time with what may be the last valley girl in America. The holdover from the bygone era featured in films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, seeks to find a summer job. Along the way she forges a profound new relationship with her father, colleagues, and a very special animal at a veterinary clinic.

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